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PancakeSwap has seen a 26% surge within 24 hours as per latest market stats. This comes amid new developments announced by the its community.
VanEck's bullish forecast for Solana (SOL) predicts substantial growth by 2030, highlighting the cryptocurrency's innovative scaling approach.
Dogecoin's surge, fueled by X's tweets, triggers intense market speculation.
"Ripple's CTO sparks PEPE frenzy with enigmatic tweet. PEPE's meteoric surge fueled by massive token burn, hints at meme market dominance.
Worldcoin shifts Orb Operator payments from USDC to WLD tokens, signaling a pivotal phase. Global scrutiny amplifies over privacy concerns.
Cardano's recent shift in staking parameters, slashing minPoolCost from 340 to 170 ADA, ignites fervor and skepticism within its community.

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