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Dextools reddit marketing

Blockchain Army partnered with DEXTools to develop a marketing campaign on Reddit aimed at increasing brand visibility, attracting new investors, and spreading awareness about the platform. Reddit was chosen due to its popularity and relevance to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.



DEX, Aggregator, DeFi

time frame

6 months - Ongoing

Starting point

Prior to the campaign, DEXTools had no presence on Reddit, and the platform was identified as an opportunity to expand the brand's reach and connect with a wider audience. The goal of the client is to increase social media presence, recognition of the token, and positive influence in the token performance.

Platform visists increase due to marketing efforts
$DEXT price increase due to marketing efforts

reddit marketing strategy

DEXTools user's guide for Reddit users

1. Identifying Target Audience

The first step was to identify the relevant subreddits where DEXTools could reach the right target audience. This involved researching and analyzing the different subreddits related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized exchanges.

Showing DEXTools' milestones

2. Curating High-Quality Content

Blockchain Army consistently shared informative and detailed posts about DEXTools' platform and its token, $DEXT, working for a full awareness campaign across the different targeted subreddits. The content was specifically designed to spark conversation and provide value for new potential investors.

Attracting fresh participants to Dextools' private groups

3. Monitoring KPI during the path

Our team tracked campaign metrics, such as subscriber growth, post engagement (upvotes, comments, and shares), and traffic sources, and then used this data to identify successful strategies, optimize content, and make necessary changes for continuous improvement.

Explanation of DEXTools' strengths

4. Complying with Reddit's Rules

Maintaining a positive reputation on Reddit was a top priority for the DEXTools campaign, and our team took great care to ensure full compliance with Reddit's guidelines. Our strict adherence to Reddit's rules helped us establish trust and credibility with the Reddit community, which was critical to achieving lasting success.

Achieved results

Directly Imputable:

  • 2M+ Impressions on the social media covered
  • From no presence on Reddit to 50k average impressions per group of posts
  • Established a solid brand authority across the relevant subreddits
  • Positive feedback from the team leading to contract renewal

    Contributed to:

  • 45% growth of Reddit traffic share
  • 50% growth of monthly visitors on the platform: from 6.7M to 13M
  • 14.7% growth of $DEXT holders: from 14123 to 16200
  • 416% $DEXT growth in USD: from 0.12$ to 0.62$
  • 293% $DEXT growth in $ETH: from 0.000086ETH to 0.0003382ETH

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