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Dextools Twitter marketing

This comprehensive case study showcases the impressive results achieved through a strategic partnership between DEXTools and Blockchain Army in regards to Twitter placement and growth. In the following sections, we will dive deeper into the details of this collaboration and explore the strategies and tactics that led to such impressive outcomes.




DEX, Aggregator, DeFi

time frame

9 Months - Ongoing


Twitter Strategic Growth

starting point

In October 2022, Dextools counted 6M visits each month and almost every crypto user has heard or used the Dextools platform. What most users do not know is that Dextools has a token, $DEXT, which is used in their ecosystem. The goal of the client is to increase social media presence, recognition of the token, and positive influence in the Token performance.

Platform visists increase due to marketing efforts
$DEXT price increase due to marketing efforts

Twitter marketing strategy

Comparison between $DEXT and $ETH tokenomics

1. setting the growth strategy

To kick off the Twitter marketing campaign, our team worked on developing a comprehensive growth strategy that would leverage the strenghts of the DEXTools ecosystem in an organic way. Our goal was to disseminate detailed information about the value of the $DEXT token and increase its visibility among potential investors.

Crafting a hilarious meme to promote $DEXT

2. Executing the marketing strategy

As part of our marketing strategy to promote the DEXTools, we have executed several key tasks. Our team monitored popular posts to deliver information to new users through high-visibility tweets. We boosted tweets and engaged with users through likes, retweets, and comments on the official DEXTools account. To provide in-depth information, we used detailed threads and articles that broke down complex concepts into manageable parts.

Leveraging a new partnership to spread awareness of $DEXT

3. Moniroting kpi during the path

Monitoring KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) was a crucial aspect of our Twitter marketing strategy. It allowed us to track the progress of our efforts and make necessary adjustments to achieve our goals. We used various tools to monitor our KPIs, including: engagement rates, follower growth, website traffic and conversions.

Illustrating $DEXT's performance in comparison to $ETH

4. weekly reports and kpi analysis

To ensure transparency and communication, we provided weekly marketing reports and KPI analysis to the client. By regularly monitoring our KPIs, we identified areas for improvement and adjusted our approach accordingly. We kept the client informed of our progresses and any changes we made, ensuring that our work was in line with their goals and expectations.

Achieved results

Directly Imputable:

  • 10M+ impressions on the social media covered
  • From 32 average interactions on Twitter to 60
  • Average of 300 tweets per month
  • Best article written on Dextools cit. CMO Frederic Fernandez (link)
  • Positive feedback from the team leading to contract renewal

    Contributed to:

  • 50% growth of Twitter traffic share
  • +20.000 organic followers
  • 50% growth of monthly visits on the platform: from 6.7M to 13M
  • 14.7% growth of $DEXT holders : from 14123 to 16200
  • 416% $DEXT growth in USD: from 0.12$ to 0.62$
  • 293% $DEXT growth in $ETH: from 0.000086ETH to 0.0003382ETH

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