DEXTools' Token Creator allows teams to easily and securely launch tokens without coding or costly audits, enhancing DeFi project visibility and security.

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DEXTools has announced the release of a new product: the Token Creator. Now legit teams can launch tokens and ensure their contract is safe without knowing about coding or paying expensive audits. DEXTools is always fighting scams, and with the release of this product, DEXTools tries to enhance the security of DeFi users while trading. The smart contract is designed to limit the possibility of scams by preventing malicious functionality.

Let’s take a closer look at it!


Create a Token

This tool is designed to make token creation accessible to everyone. From basic tokens to the more advanced, users can choose between two types of configuration: basic or advanced.

If you opt for the basic version, you’ll launch a simple token where you only need to specify the name, symbol, total supply, and the blockchain. Very easy, everyone can do it.

Instead, If you opt for the advanced configuration, the tool gives you more options in terms of the nature of the contract you want to deploy, for example:

Burn contract → token with the addition of a function that allows token burning after a buy/sell (max 15% per transaction).

Baby contract → token that depends on a “parent” contract. The contract performs buybacks from the parent contract and distributes them to the token holders of the baby token. For the baby token is possible to configure a minimum amount of tokens to hold to receive the tokens, and also add a portion to liquidity if desired.

Liquidity generator contract → token that collects fees from each transfer and uses them to swap tokens to add liquidity to the desired token pool.

Liquidity fee contract → token that allows dividing the fees received from each transfer. These fees can be allocated to either adding liquidity or to a personal wallet (marketing, development, or any destination chosen by the user).

Liquidity buy/sell fee contract → token that allows dividing the fees received from each transfer. The fees can be defined differently for purchases and sales transactions.

In addition to the type of contract that you want to deploy, you can set up the “Antibot” feature. It allows blacklisting up to 10 addresses during the first 48 hours after the token contract deployment.

Blockchains Supported

The blockchains supported at launch include Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Polygon, Optimism, and Pulse. This gives project teams the flexibility to deploy on the blockchain that best suits their needs and community. If you have an interest in generating tokens on other platforms please contact DEXTools and they will study the possibilities!

How much does token creation cost?

The cost of launching a token with the token creator depends on the blockchain on which the new token is deployed.

There is always a fixed and a variable cost but the final cost will be shown in your wallet provider when you are going to create the token (e.g. Metamask). Remember that you will have to add the cost of creating the pool to enable token trading. These costs include free logo and social media information updates of the project in DEXTools through this form.

Token Visibility

All tokens created through the token creator will be prominently highlighted on DEXTools. Given its 20 million monthly visits, this exposure could help boost awareness and traction for new projects. Each token will display a special label on DEXTools to help users easily identify projects launched through this vetted process.



By streamlining the token creation process and prioritizing security, DEXTools aims to enhance trust in the DeFi ecosystem. The token creator offers an accessible onboarding ramp for legitimate teams while giving traders more transparency and safety when assessing new cryptocurrency assets.

Launch your token today:

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