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Maestro Sniper Bot is a Telegram tool developed by Maestro Bots that helps automate buying and selling of cryptocurrency tokens.

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What is this bot?

Maestro Sniper Bot is a Telegram tool developed by Maestro Bots that helps automate buying and selling of cryptocurrency tokens. It allows you to buy newly launched tokens as soon as liquidity is added, sell tokens with the click of a button, and set up advanced trading strategies. This tutorial will walk you through how to use and navigate the basics of Maestro Sniper Bot on Telegram.


Getting Started with Maestro Sniper Bot

To use the Maestro Sniper Bot, you first need to have a Telegram account and install the Telegram app on your phone or desktop. Once you have Telegram set up, search for @MaestroSniperBot and start the bot. As a new user, the bot will require you to join certain groups and channels related to Maestro to stay up to date on updates, access support, and connect with other users. Once you’re done joining the groups, simply send the /sniper command and you’re good to go!


Creating your wallet

The next step is to create a wallet to store your funds and make transactions. Maestro Sniper Bot supports wallets on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum (ETH), Arbitrum, and other networks. For this tutorial, we will create a BSC wallet.

To create your wallet, select the ‘Generate Wallet’ option. This will provide you with your wallet address, private key, and mnemonic phrase. Be sure to copy and securely store your private key and mnemonic because they provide access to your wallet. Your wallet address is what you will use to send and receive funds.

You can also choose to import your Maestro Sniper Bot wallet into a wallet like Trust Wallet or MetaMask for easier management and access. Once you have created and funded your wallet, you are ready to make your first trade.


Making your first trade

The bot has multiple features and methods to make its own thing.

We can set up automatic trading of contracts shared by callers in their groups, copy trade what a specific wallet does, snipe a particular presale, or enter God Mode, which we will talk about later in the article.

In this example, we are going to make a trade with Maestro Sniper Bot without using any of the specific methods available, but instead just pasting the token’s contract in the chat with the bot. We will use the contract address of the $DEXT token (0xe91a8d2c584ca93c7405f15c22cdfe53c29896e3) and send it in chat.

Enter the contract address into the bot, and it will pull up the token information and a chart showing its price action. The bot will give you options to buy various amounts of the tokens in BNB, from 0.01 BNB up to 1 BNB. If you want to buy an amount not listed, select ‘Buy X amount of BNB’ and enter the amount.

Maestro Sniper Bot does charge a 1% ‘router maintenance fee’ on all buy and sell transactions to cover the costs of running the bot. The maximum amount you can buy or sell in one transaction is 10 BNB.

You can also choose to sell tokens by entering the contract address and selecting ‘Sell’ options in a similar manner. The bot allows you to sell a percentage of your holdings or a fixed amount of tokens.

It is recommended to go through all of the options available through the bot interface, as you’ll be able to set up general rules, specific exceptions for each wallet and configure any sort of parameter related to your strategy.


Using god mode for new listings

One of the most powerful features of Maestro Sniper Bot is ‘God Mode’, which allows you to buy into new listings as soon as liquidity is added. To use God Mode, enter the contract address for the new token and select ‘Snipe Liquidity’. Then choose the amount of BNB you want to use to buy the new token as soon as liquidity is added. You can also increase the slippage percentage to ensure your transaction goes through.

When the developer adds liquidity for the new token, Maestro Sniper Bot will automatically attempt to buy with the amount you specified. This allows you to buy into the newest listings before many others have a chance. The key is finding listings very early before much hype has built up.

Be very careful when buying new listings, as many end up being scams or worthless. Only invest money that you can afford to lose when ‘sniping liquidity’. Maestro Sniper Bot simply automates the process but does not vet the legitimacy of new tokens.


Advanced strategies

Maestro Sniper Bot allows for some more advanced trading strategies as well. You can set up ‘buy walls’ and ‘sell walls’ to create price ceilings and floors. The bot also offers limit buys and sells, as well as stop losses and take profit triggers.

You can use the various order types to develop strategies such as buying dips, selling peaks, and managing risk. The bot does all the work of placing and updating orders for you. You just need to set the parameters for your strategy.

There are a multitude of features available to use, some of which are exclusively accessible with a premium subscription.

There are many guides and resources on Telegram and Youtube for learning advanced techniques with Maestro Sniper Bot. The more you practice, the better you will get at automating your trading!


New Features

In its most recent update, Maestro introduced several notable developments that enhance both core functionality and premium benefits. Specifically:


Turbo Mode

The ‘God Mode‘ has received a major upgrade with the introduction of ‘Turbo Mode’, now available for all users. Turbo provides fully-automated sniping by placing transactions without requiring user confirmation. It also allows customization of the tax threshold levels that trigger buys and sells. Dynamic settings have been added to intelligently detect the maximum purchase amount based on price action as well as detect and avoid “deadblocks” where transactions fail.


Backup Snipes

Backup Snipes for the God Mode now have independent and adjustable gas settings separated out from the main gas configuration. This gives users greater control over optimizing the transaction fees for their backup trades versus primary purchases.


Maestro Trending List

Premium subscribers gain exclusive access to the new Maestro Trending List, a powerful research tool that tracks the top tokens gaining momentum within the Maestro community. The list ranks projects based on analytics like the number of users copying trades for a contract or monitoring its price chart.


Block-0 Dominance

Block-0 Dominance, is Maestro’s flagship solution for sniping new token listings on their first available block, known as block-0. It utilizes the practice of “blockbuilder tipping” by bundling all user transactions and adding high gas fees to incentivize miners to prioritize the bundle. This maximizes the chance of overwhelming other bids. Within the bundle, transaction priority is determined by each user’s individual gas tip amount.


Multi-wallet update

Multi-wallet functionality has been expanded to let users simultaneously make contributions for pre-sales across multiple addresses with a single button, then automatically claim any eligible tokens post-launch directly into the trader’s monitored portfolio.

These improvements cement Maestro’s leadership in developing the most user-friendly and powerful tools for both beginning and experienced cryptocurrency traders.



Maestro Sniper Bot is a powerful tool for automating parts of your cryptocurrency trading process. It allows you to buy and sell tokens swiftly, snipe new listings as soon as they are available, and develop custom strategies for profiting from the markets. 

However, be very careful when investing in new listings found through the bot and only invest money that you can afford to lose, as there are many scam tokens promoted on platforms like this. If used properly though, Maestro Sniper Bot can be a useful tool for any trader to have in their arsenal.

This guide might become outdated over time as updates and new features roll out for the bot. Make sure to check out all the features within the application to ensure you’re using all of the available features.

Useful links:
Telegram Bot
Official website



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