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Discover how Unibot, the powerful trading bot, revolutionizes your trading experience with multi-wallet fast swaps, copy trading, and more.

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Are you an investor looking for a fast and easy way to trade? Look no further than Unibot, a free-to-use Telegram bot that brings you the fastest and easiest trading tools and snipers in the market. With Unibot, you can quickly get started with trading and learn how to use all its features through this short guide. Let’s dive into the details and see how Unibot can revolutionize your trading experience.


Getting Started with Unibot

To begin using Unibot, follow these simple steps:

    • Open Telegram and search for “Unibot Sniperbot.”
    • Click on “Start” to register your Telegram account.
    • Once registered, you will have access to three new wallets within the bot.

    You can replace these wallets with new ones at any time or import your own wallet into Unibot. Additionally, you can export these wallets into MetaMask or any other wallet to use outside of Unibot. Fund one of the wallets to start trading.


    Importing Wallets

    If you already have existing wallets that you want to use for trading, you can import them into Unibot. Here’s how:

      • Open the settings menu in Unibot.
      • Click on the “Import Wallet” button from the settings panel.
      • Paste the private key into the input field and click “Import.”

      The wallet is now imported into Unibot and can be used.


      Replacing Wallets

      If you wish to replace a wallet in Unibot with a new one, follow these steps:

        • Go to the settings menu in Unibot.
        • Click on the “Replace Wallet” button.
        • Select the wallet you want to replace.

        This will replace the selected wallet with a new clean wallet. Ensure you have a backup of the wallet before replacing it, as replaced wallets cannot be recovered. After making changes to your wallets or completing transactions, you can refresh the menu in Unibot to see the updated balances. This will ensure that your wallets are funded and ready for trading.


        How to Perform Multi-Wallet Fast Swaps

        Unibot offers lightning-fast multi-wallet swaps, allowing you to buy and sell tokens quickly. Here’s how to perform multi-wallet fast swaps:

          • Click on the “Buy Token” button in Unibot.
          • Set your buy settings, including selecting the wallets you want to use, the buy amount and the slippage.
          • Enter the token address and hit enter to initiate the swap.

          Unibot will send simultaneous buy transactions using the selected wallets. After the transaction is confirmed, you will receive a notification with the total cost of the transaction and relevant links.


          The Mirror Sniper: Copy Trading Made Easy

          Unibot’s Mirror Sniper feature enables you to copy trade other traders, replicating their trades for potential profit. Here’s how it works:

            • Add wallet addresses of traders you want to copy to your mirror list in Unibot.
            • Enable the Mirror Sniper for your wallets.
            • Unibot will automatically copy the trades of the traders on your mirror list.

            You can also enable “Front Run Gas” to copy normal buys from traders and execute the transactions before them.


            The Token Value Monitor: Stay Updated on Your Investments

            With Unibot’s Token Value Monitor, you can keep track of your tokens’ prices and receive alerts for notable price shifts. Here’s how it works:

              • Unibot monitors all tokens in your wallets automatically.
              • You will receive alerts whenever there is a significant price shift.
              • The alerts provide options to sell the tokens quickly, using Lightning Fast private transactions.

              Unibot selects the best pool for selling to ensure optimal returns.


              Placing Limit Buy and Sell Orders

              Unibot allows you to place limit buy and sell orders, enabling you to buy tokens at your desired price. Here’s how to place a limit buy order:

                • Access the Limit Buy/Sell Order menu in Unibot.
                • Set the token and buy/sell amount.
                • Choose the wallets you want to use.
                • Select the percentage price change that triggers the buy order.

                Unibot will automatically execute the buy/sell order when the token price reaches the specified percentage change.



                Unibot is an exceptional trading tool that brings convenience and efficiency to your trading experience. With features like multi-wallet fast swaps, copy trading through the Mirror Sniper, token value monitoring, and limit buy/sell orders, Unibot provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to optimize your trading strategies.

                Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, Unibot offers a user-friendly interface and powerful functionalities to enhance your trading performance. Get started with Unibot today and unlock the full potential of your trading endeavors.


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                Useful links:
                – Telegram Bot
                – Official website



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