New Arrest in Aiden Pleterski’s Crypto King Kidnapping Case

New arrest and financial misconduct allegations in the Crypto King kidnapping case raise questions about Aiden Pleterski's crypto involvement

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Toronto authorities have made a significant breakthrough in the case of the December 2022 kidnapping of Aiden Pleterski, infamously known as the self-proclaimed “Crypto King.” Recently, a fifth suspect has been charged in connection with the brutal incident, shedding new light on the shocking details of the abduction that captured national attention. As investigations continue, allegations have surfaced regarding Pleterski’s questionable financial activities, raising questions about the extent of his involvement in the crypto market and the motivations behind the kidnapping.


The Violent Kidnapping

On December 5, 2022, Toronto police were alerted to a missing person’s report in the city’s downtown core. It is alleged that the suspects lured Pleterski, the supposed Crypto King, into a vehicle. Once inside the vehicle, two individuals reportedly brandished firearms, holding the victim captive for three harrowing days and subjecting them to repeated assaults. The exact location of the kidnapping remains undisclosed by local authorities.

Following the ordeal, the perpetrators released the victim in downtown Toronto but not before demanding a significant sum of Canadian currency while threatening the victim’s life and family. Subsequent investigations led to the arrest of four individuals in July 2023. During the arrest, authorities seized a loaded handgun from one of the suspects.


A Fifth Suspect and Multiple Charges

In a recent development, a fifth person, identified as 22-year-old Alfredo Paladino of Hamilton, was apprehended, adding another layer of complexity to the case. Paladino now faces an array of charges, including kidnapping, kidnapping for ransom, conspiracy to commit an indictable offense, pointing a firearm, forcible confinement, discharge of a firearm being reckless as to the life or safety of another person, aggravated assault, and five counts of uttering threats/death or bodily harm.

As details continue to emerge, reports suggest that one of the accused, Akil Heywood, had allegedly invested over $700,000 with the Crypto King. Heywood, listed as the Chairman and CEO of Atlantic Mas in Toronto, filed a claim for losses incurred from his investments with Pleterski’s AP Private Equity Limited, which dealt in cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange. Court documents indicate that Pleterski raised a staggering $41.5 million from investors but reportedly invested only 1.6%. Instead, most of the funds were seemingly diverted towards a lavish lifestyle, including acquiring multiple luxury vehicles.



The unfolding story of the kidnapping of Aiden Pleterski, the self-proclaimed Crypto King, has gripped the nation, shedding light on the dark underbelly of the crypto market. As the investigation progresses, more revelations regarding Pleterski’s financial dealings are likely to emerge, potentially exposing the extent of his involvement in questionable practices.

While the authorities work to bring justice to the victims of the kidnapping, the broader cryptocurrency industry faces scrutiny, prompting discussions about the need for greater regulation and oversight to safeguard investors and curb illicit activities. No charges related to Pleterski’s kidnapping have been proven in court, and the investigation continues to unfold.

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