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As known, X (Twitter) is the #1 platform for blockchain enthusiasts, making it the ideal space for tailored marketing efforts. Our Twitter Push strategy, explained in depth below, will improve your overall recognition, providing organic followers, telegram and discord members, new token holders and platform users.

the strategy


  • 10 threads per month
  • 10 long tweets per month
  • 400 answers under influencers posts per month
  • 50 tweets per month
  • 25 monthly active days to boost tweets
  • 1 article per month

  • Our primary focus is to provide tangible value instead of the usual spammy comments and posts that can be found all over the place.

    The content is shared using influential and organic accounts, reaching thousands of eyes. We also target posts from high-level accounts, hijacking visibility in order to increase awareness through creative content.

    We've fine-tuned this strategy over the years according to the algorithm, suggestions and gained experience. We're able to generate healthy engagement and positive response from the community, contributing to improving morale and performance. We support your accounts, boosting tweets wether they are announcements or communications.

    We also focus on creating value-oriented full length articles, generating further shareable content for your community.

    The strategy is perfectly scalable according to your needs.

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    result-oriented approach

    We strive for results in everything we do, that's why we let the metrics talk for us.
    No fancy talks, just facts.

    average of 500k views/month

    300+ tweets/month

    conversion-led content creation

    unparalled organic growth

    Note: shown parameters can be impacted by budget allocation. We’re marketers, not wizards!

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    pricing range

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    • Starting from $5000/month


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