Tracking and Managing Your Crypto Portfolio: DexTools’ New User Area

DEXTools launched the new user area: discover how to add positions, set price alerts, organize favorites into lists, and view top addresses.

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DEXTools is the most famous and widely used analytics platform for the DeFi ecosystem, providing traders with a comprehensive set of tools to monitor and analyze blockchain activity. For cryptocurrency traders and investors, keeping tabs on all their positions and favorite assets can be a challenge without the right tools. DEXTools aims to simplify this process with their new user area.

Available in beta, the user dashboard consolidates a variety of powerful portfolio tracking features. All you need to access this new user area is to hold 1.000 $DEXT, in addition to unlocking all the premium features available on the platform.


My positions

Users can input details on all their crypto holdings through the “My Positions” page. For each asset, details like purchase price and date, current value, and profit/loss are displayed.

This provides a snapshot of an individual’s entire portfolio performance over time. Rather than searching through purchase records, the positions tracker makes it simple to monitor profits on specific coins as well as your overall returns.

New purchases can be added with a few clicks to continuously update your portfolio stats. Grouping positions visually by currency also allows users to see where their funds are distributed.



Another useful feature for following the crypto market is the “Favorites” page.
Crypto traders can stay on top of their watch lists by adding coins of interest. Options exist to add favorites by individual name or create custom categories like “Defi Tokens to Research” or “Aped Tokens”.

One tap transports users directly to that coin’s trading pair page within the explorer for charts, order books, and other data.

Multiple lists also allow favorites to be organized by theme. This saves time spent browsing lengthy coin lists and allows focused research on curated groups. Being updated on price fluctuations remains crucial as crypto markets are volatile.


My Alerts

DEXTools’ new alerts page empowers users to set up to 200 notifications for when their favorite coins hit predefined price points. Whether taking profits at new highs or averaging down on dips, alerts remove the risk of missing opportune times to buy or sell.



The “Wallets” section allows users to track and monitor some of the largest and most followed addresses in the blockchain world. Viewing the transaction histories and current holdings of whales like Vitalik Buterin provides insight for investors. While directly copying trades isn’t advised, wealth holders’ accumulation patterns may reveal upcoming trends.



In summary, DEXTools is improving the process of tracking cryptocurrency holdings with their new user area.

Bringing together tools for adding positions, setting alerts, organizing favorites, and viewing whale wallets, the dashboard streamlines essential portfolio tasks. As the platform further refines these features over time, managing crypto investments is certain to become even more simplified.

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