When AI goes viral – ChatGPT & Dall-E2

Explore the transformative power of AI as ChatGPT and DALL-E2 take center stage. Discover how these algorithms are reshaping our daily lives.

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You cohabit with AI without noticing for years.

When you solve a Google Captcha (verify you’re human!), you’re currently training an AI from Google (precisely, the one that is learning autonomous driving) in recognizing traffic lights, trains, bikes, roads, roofs, and so on

When you’re talking to Alexa or Google, you’re activating a natural language recognition AI, that with time understands and analyses your routine. (and by the way, no, your phone is not secretly hearing you, according to Cybersecurity 360° report.

From December 2022, everything changes. 

From December, many AIs are available, even to the least educated public, in just a couple of clicks. This is possible through OpenAI (founded by Elon Musk, active since 2015) which provides different algorithms, each specialized in a specific task:


described by itself as a “Large linguistic model “…” designed to answer questions and provide information on a wide range of topics, using the internal knowledge database.” 

ChatGPT is able to explain complex topics in a simple way, write articles, poems or jokes. But not only. ChatGPT knows how to remember information, conduct conversations without repeating itself and write complex code (in all the major programming languages).

But that’s not it. Here is a list of “extreme uses” that will blow your mind, such as:

ChatGPT does not have a personality, and will never answer personaly on uncomfortable topics. It is therefore an extremely (perhaps too much?) politically correct AI.

on the other hand , is “a new artificial intelligence system capable of creating realistic images and works of art, from a description in natural language”. And not only that, I would like to add. This AI knows how to complete incomplete paintings, partially modify an image, completely change its style, draw logos, icons. 

But it’s easier to see with your own eyes.

For the first time these tools are within everyone’s reach.

Within 5 days, the first algorithm alone had over a million users (for comparison, Instagram took 3 months. Meta 10, Twitter 24, Netflix 41). 

It’s a revolution, it’s just started and it’s unlikely to stop.

Personally I will use these tools for

  • Code. I don’t know how to create a function in Python? Do I need to create a front end in React? Do I have code I don’t understand? Chat GPT.

  • Instruction. Do I have a question about a particular historical event? Don’t I understand a mathematical concept? Do I want a summary on a certain topic? ChatGPT

  • Emails – Posts – Articles. I will definitely use ChatGPT to create the template and structure. You probably won’t even notice it. 

  • Icons – Logos – Images. Every startupper’s nightmare is to create innovative graphic content for their website. This is where Dall-E comes into play, which will be able to do it at very high levels, at the cost of a few cents.
    Not convinced I can design logos with it? Be surprised by this incredible tutorial.

But that’s just the beginning. 

I have no trouble imagining that in a few years, entire websites will be completely developed using artificial intelligence. The corporate Cybersecurity department in the hands of an AI. Newspapers with no one behind the scenes. AI painters, composers, video games, influencers, teachers, taxi drivers, chefs, programming, marketing…

And you, when will you be replaced? 

By Paolo Montemurro – Founder & CTO Blockchain Army 

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