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Dextools burn dashboard

The project dashboard is a complete product providing insights of valuable data. It is fully customizable and completely adaptive to your projects' needs, capable of tracking both off-chain and on-chain data. The dashboard can be used to display the vital metrics of your project, providing a cutting-edge analysis in a blink of an eye and making it a powerful marketing and analysis tool.




DEX, Aggregator, DeFi

development time

<1 month



Shortly about the APPLICATION

The project dashboard is a powerful tool empowering anyone to easily understand extremely valuable data with just a simple look at it, eliminating the need for complex data structures and hours spent on blockchain explorers.

Weekly trend of the number of page views
Worldwide distribution of page views by country

explore the application's main features

Charts showing circulating supply and daily burn of $DEXT

daily burn stats & circulating supply

Lines that track the number of tokens burned daily and show how $DEXT deflationary mechanics reduces the supply over time. For the daily burn stats, the total amount is obtained by combining the last 24 hours of fees from the aggregator and social wallets, thus generating a prediction of the percentage of supply burned yearly, based on the last 24 hours data.

Tokens burned in the last 24h-7d-30d

The dashboard features three important boxes that track the exact number of tokens burnt over different time frames: the last 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. Each box includes a relative supply percentage and a speedometer-like counter, which allow users to easily visualize the projected yearly burn rate percentage based on the selected time frame.

Important data related to $DEXT

valuable insights

The first box shows the number of $DEXT holders and the variation in the last 24 hours. The second box displays the price project owners pay to update social media information and calculates the discount rate. The third box provides monthly buy pressure and a one-year price forecast using specific formulas. The fourth and final box shows the number of $DEXT tokens burned and the expected annual burn.

Aggregator and social wallet balance

Tracking public wallets

Users can get a quick overview of the ETH and BSC wallets of DEXTools with the information on the amount of $DEXT, $ETH and $BNB held and generated in the last 24 hours.

Achieved results

Facts are better than words. Here are the top results obtained by this dashboard.

  • 500k Page views to date
  • Average of 8000 views per day
  • Positive response from the community
  • Increased awareness in $DEXT token
  • Positive impact on $DEXT value and market performance
  • Improved understanding of $DEXT's deflationary mechanics
  • Facilitated data-driven decision making for $DEXT holders
  • Improved transparency and trust within the $DEXT ecosystem

  • technology stack used for the application








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