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Some companies we've helped grow:

case studies


There are 5.000 Smulips unleashed on Arbitrum! Join the garden of Arbitrum and maybe your luck will mint you a rare Smulip!
Recognized as the best collection on Arbitrium, setting a new standard for all of the upcoming ones.

With 140k users on Discord and 5.000 mints in less than one hour, Smulips sets the record volume in Trove Marketplace. With its amazing functionalities and design, Smulips is set to be among the most NFT successfull stories.

All of this, is made possible by Blockchain Army devs.

View a demo of the NFT mutation technology HERE.

Check out the case study HERE.

Wine Protocol is the first technology that aims to create an interaction between cryptocurrencies and the wine world.

Sitting at a whopping $40M+ marketcap, changing blockchain one sip at a time.


View the demo of the staking platform HERE.

Check out the case study HERE


WINDER is the world’s best place to MATCH and talk to crypto enthusiasts like you while maintaining 100% of your privacy.

Check out the case study HERE.

INFT aims to create value and digital experiences around the “Made in Italy” brand.

Masterpieces of Art, Cinema, Literature, Music and History take part in the future, increasing the value and the fruition model itself.

Check out the case study HERE.