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smulips nft collection

Smulips is a non-fungible token (NFT) project launched on the Arbitrum network. This case study explores the journey of Smulips, highlighting the steps taken to improve the project's technology and the remarkable results achieved. With a strong community and a vision to innovate the NFT space, Smulips set out to revolutionize the industry.





time frame

2 Months


Technology Development

starting point

Smulips had a vibrant Discord community of 20,000 members focused on the Arbitrum Network. However, the project faced a crucial obstacle: a lack of technological infrastructure. Limited to a modest WIX website, Smulips recognized the need for substantial technical improvements to push the project to new heights.

Mutation Lab

Staking Platform

Technology development


1. Smart contract development

A solid smart contract was developed, incorporating essential features such as whitelist functionality, maximum wallet limits, bulk minting capabilities, and dynamic pricing. Additionally, the smart contract included options to set the start and end dates for sales and reveal details at a later stage.

Smulips minting page

2. Custom minting page

To facilitate a seamless and user-friendly experience, a personalized minting page was created with customized listeners. This carefully designed page allowed users to directly mint their own Smulips NFT, ensuring a smooth process and improving user satisfaction.

Smulips staking platform

3. custom staking platform

Our team developed a locked NFT staking platform to promote community engagement and create additional utility for the project. This innovative feature allowed community members to stake their Smulips NFTs and earn rewards in the form of serum drops. By introducing this mechanism, Smulips significantly increased the value and usefulness of the NFT collection, while also providing a tangible incentive for community members to actively participate in the project.

Smulips NFT art

4. generative nft collection

The Smulips collection consisted of 5,000 NFTs, designed as a generative collection with unique traits. These traits could be combined to create a wide variety of digital creatures, adding creativity and personalization to each Smulip in the collection. The inclusion of genesis traits further enhanced the individuality and charm of each NFT, making the collection even more appealing.

Achieved results

Directly Imputable:

  • Flawless minting: Smulips successfully minted NFTs on mobile and desktop platforms without any issues. The immersive frontend interface featured an animated world map.
  • Record-breaking volume: the mint of over 4,000 NFTs at 0.025ETH in just two days set new volume records on Trove and Arbitrium platforms.
  • Community growth: Smulips gained over 110,000 Twitter followers and 50,000 Discord members, indicating substantial community growth.
  • Recognition from Arbitrium: Arbitrium recognized Smulips for "raising the bar for NFT collections."
  • Price Appreciation: Smulips NFTs traded at multiples of the initial minting price, showcasing price appreciation and attracting new collectors.

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