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VVITA approached us with a vision to create a marketplace that would showcase the best of Italian-made digital assets to the world. They wanted to fill a gap in the Web3 environment by creating a platform that was not only safe and secure, but also institutionally certified, with a strong focus on showcasing Italian excellence.




NFT, Metaverse

development time

5 Months


Tech, Community Management

Shortly about Itaverse

Our team created the Itaverse blockchain as the basis for the metaverse, developed the tokenomics and whitepaper, and created the public website.

Itaverse website
Basis for the metaverse

explore the application's main features



We developed and executed a social media marketing strategy on Twitter to promote VVITA and drive user engagement. This included creating and scheduling posts, managing the VVITA Twitter account, and engaging with users in the community.

Giro D'Italia Metaverse

Community set up & Management

Our team played a key role in building and powering the VVITA community by managing the channels on Telegram and Discord. We meticulously curated engagement strategies, moderated discussions, and configured the Discord server to ensure smooth communication and a seamless user experience. As a result, we were able to create and grow a vibrant community of VVITA supporters.

Pecco Bagnaia NFT collection

connection to potential partnerships

We identified and connected VVITA with potential partnerships in the industry, including artists, digital asset creators, and other blockchain-based platforms. This involved researching potential partners, establishing connections, and facilitating discussions.

VVita NFT marketplace


Our team organized Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions with the Italian and international communities to introduce VVITA and provide users with a comprehensive understanding of the unique features and benefits of the platform. Through these interactive sessions, we engaged the community, answered their questions, and established a strong relationship with potential users.


Directly Imputable:

  • Telegram community no more populated by bots
  • 10+ AMAs organized with successful community response
  • Giveaway with 10.000+ registrations
  • Flawless customized smart contracts for VR environment
  • Development of Itaverse in progress
  • Discord set up
  • Successful rebranding effort

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