NFT Smart Contract development


NFTs are digital assets, similar to cryptocurrency, and can be owned by only one person at a time. Unlike cryptocurrency tokens, with millions or billions of the same token existing, NFTs are often limited to a supply of one unique digital token. These assets are typically tied to a link that points to a file stored on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). The asset's unique token ID and metadata act as proof of ownership for the individual who buys the NFT.

Smart contracts are used for NFTs' minting process (creation) and to assign ownership of the token. When a new non-fungible token is minted, the smart contract automatically sets the creator as the owner. NFT smart contracts can transfer the token to new owners when a sale is made.

ready to go?

Please, stop developing NFT smart contracts on OpenSea.

Start instead developing NFTs like a pro, with a proprietary smart contract identified by its own address. Only by doing so, you’ll be able to create a minting page, create custom functions like reveal later, bulk mint, whitelists/blacklists and many more. Once again, we'll do the trick for you.

  • Starting from $4500