AIMBOT Open Bot Tutorial: Maximizing Profits, Minimizing Risks

This article provides a detailed AIMBOT Open Bot tutorial for both beginners and advanced users. Leverage AIMBOT's technology to level up your trading game.
aimbot open bot tutorial

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AIMBOT Open Bot Overview

AIMBOT has emerged as a game-changer with its AI Autonomous Sniper. This cutting-edge technology scans the blockchain in real-time, identifying and investing in the most promising token launches using a multi-layer AI model. One of its most interesting features is indeed the revenue share of 75% of the total profits among all $AIMBOT holders, generating considerable passive income.

AIMBOT takes it a step further with Open Bot, which allows everyone to actively engage with the system running a private instance of the AI bot and potentially maximize profits while minimizing risk. 

The AIMBOT’s Open Bot, accessible here, offers features designed to enhance users’ investment experience and personalization. As the main bot, it operates in real-time, ensuring access to the latest data to make informed decisions.

Accessing and Using the AIMBOT Open Bot

Anyone can take a look around, but to be able to actively run an Open Bot instance, users need to hold a minimum of 50 $AIMBOT tokens. The setup process is simple and allows access through a web interface on AIMBOT’s website. Unlike some other platforms, AIMBOT emphasizes security and does not require users to share their private keys. Funding the bot is simple: users can send ETH to a securely provided address.

Scoring system and bribes

A crucial aspect of the Open Bot is its scoring system, which helps users manage risks. The AIMBOT’s AI Brain Layer (ABL) assigns a score to every new token for the first 20 minutes of launch.

The higher the score, the more confident the AI is about a specific token, giving it a higher success rate. If you’d like to buy more tokens with a higher risk ratio, you just need to lower the scoring. If you’d like to be more conservative, you can increase it instead. 

It is highly recommended to keep tweaking the scoring over time and based on market conditions, as it may help improve your AI instance’s performance.

The bribe system adds another layer of user involvement, allowing users to determine their priority in the purchase queue. This becomes especially important during high-demand launches when multiple users run the AI at the same time. 

Bribes can be as low as 0.002 ETH, with no upper limit. Bribes are in increments of 0.001 ETH, so as an example, 0.0021 ETH is not a valid bribe. Users will be able to experiment with bribes to find the best spot to get early on new buys. Time of day and market conditions will affect the average bribe, as the market will dictate how much each user is willing to pay for new tokens. Main AIMBOT AI will always have the buy priority over all users.

Fees, gas utilization, and profit distribution

For each purchase transaction, Open Bot charges a 1% fee, which contributes to the overall sustainability of the project. Users are also charged for their share of gas used in each transaction.

AIMBOT maintains its commitment to the community by allocating 40% of commissions and bribes directly to the rewards pool, with an additional 10% directed to AIMBOT’s trading AI funding portfolio. The team lets users know that this distribution can be modified in the future to keep control over bribes.

Getting Started with AIMBOT Open Bot

You’ll be prompted to sign in with your wallet when accessing the dashboard for the first time. You’ll need to connect with a wallet that holds at least 50 $AIMBOT tokens. You can use a different wallet for AI trading, for purposes that will be explained later, but you need to connect at least once to your AIMBOT wallet for the initial setup.

aimbot openbot tutorial

Deposit Funds

Click on the “Overview” tab to access the main bot page. From there, you can fund your bot instance with ETH. You can either do the transaction through MetaMask (using the “Deposit” button) or you can manually send any amount of ETH to the funding contract.

AIMBOT recommends gradually sending ETH (such as daily, for example) for security purposes and also because it’s also a good way to monitor performance and adjust the “burn rate” over time without disabling the bot.

AIMBOT Open Bot Configuration

Click on the “Configuration” tab to access the configuration page, where you will be able to configure your instance according to your preferences. Let’s have a look at all the options.

Enabling Bot

When the bot is enabled, it will automatically trade for you. Disabling the bot will suspend all trading.

Default ETH per trade

This is the default (and maximum) amount of ETH that will be used to purchase a given token. If the contract has a max wallet that costs less ETH, your buys will still go through, but will only spend the available ETH.

Minimum Bribe

The selected amount will be paid for each new successful purchase. With a higher bribe, you can increase your spot in the buy list (among all other AIMBOT bot instances), as explained above.

Feel free to experiment with this amount until you’re comfortable with your buy position. Bribes are not set in time, and you may need to manually adjust the value over time.

Min/Max Block

This is the number of blocks processed since the block with the first trade(s) on a given token. If you’d like to make sure the AI only buys at launch (within seconds), you should probably lower the maximum block number.

Minimum Token Score

As explained above, AIMBOT’s AI Brain Layer (ABL) assigns a score to every new token in every block processed by the network for the first 20 minutes of launch. The higher the score, the more confident the ABL is about a specific token, giving it a higher success rate.

Scoring thresholds:
450 — very aggressive
500 — aggressive
550 — normal
600 — conservative
650 — very conservative

Maximum Price increase (x)

This is a limiter to ensure the AI transaction will only go through if a condition is met. For example, if you put 10 here, a buy transaction will only be sent and executed if the token has done less than 10x since launch.

Maximum Tax Percent

The maximum buy tax a token can have for the bot instance to buy it. The tax percent is based on the contract’s data plus previous buys/sells. It may not always be accurate, as the tax can be manually adjusted by the token’s owner.

Maximum Gas Price (gwei)

The maximum gas price you are willing to pay for a purchase. AIMBOT calculates the gas price to use for buying tokens based on the current market’s “base fee” and automatically adds a priority fee.

Learn about gwei here.

Custom address to receive tokens

With AIMBOT, you do not give away your private key or other credentials. Instead, you can simply specify an address where you’ll receive tokens bought by your Open Bot Instance.

By default, this will be the AIMBOT address you connected with, but feel free to change this if needed.

Recommendations and security

A few tweaks can make a difference, and we encourage you to focus on this part to achieve the best results possible by using AIMBOT’s Open Bot.

Recommendations and best practices

We encourage you to focus on using Open Bot when it is active. Trading alerts through services such as Zerion can help users stay informed and respond promptly to buying opportunities.

To manage trades and keep the AIMBOT wallet clean, we recommend using a designated sniper wallet, such as one handled by BananaGun, to properly manage take profits and stop loss orders, thus securing your positions.

Access BananaGun ETH here.

It is also recommended to track your costs for each trade (trade, bribe, swaps, gas), and find out what the rug and honeypot ratio is on the ETH chain, then divide the total of ETH in your Open Bot wallet by the ratio of rugs or honeypots and potential winners. You will be able to get an estimation of how many trades you can win or fail, and therefore adjust settings.

We recommended running the bot during high-volume periods to minimize the chance of losing funds to rug pulls and honeypots.

Security measures and risk mitigation

Security is extremely important in this field. We advise users not to send tokens directly to AIMBOT’s wallet to avoid potential emptying due to malicious code in some coin contracts. Use the “custom address to receive tokens” setting to address the issue.

We stress the importance of vigilance and recommend turning off Open Bot when not actively monitoring it.


In conclusion, AIMBOT’s Open Bot represents an innovative opportunity for investors to engage with AIMBOT’s AI technology actively. By maximizing profits and minimizing risk, AIMBOT offers a platform that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features.

AIMBOT community created a dedicated group about Open Bot, feel free to join via the link below for questions or to share your achievements.


Aimbot website:
Openbot page:
Main telegram:
Community openbot group:

Article by @mcccsm

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