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DEXTools' Token Creator allows teams to easily and securely launch tokens without coding or costly audits, enhancing DeFi project visibility and security.
Learn how the new DEXTools BuyBot trading assistant leverages DEXTools' market data to deliver customized, real-time updates on DeFi tokens.
Participate in the upcoming DEXTools DeFi Trading Challenge to win real prizes while refining your trading skills in a risk-free environment. Learn more about the trading simulator and join the challenge starting on December 26th.
DEXTools has introduced several updates including 1-second candlestick charts and a new "Updated Socials" bar.
Bitcoin surpasses $40K amidst controversies and global market shifts. Regulatory optimism also stands among the key drivers to this surge.
DEXTools launched the new user area: discover how to add positions, set price alerts, organize favorites into lists, and view top addresses.

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