A new DEXTools DeFi Trading Challenge is coming soon! 

Participate in the upcoming DEXTools DeFi Trading Challenge to win real prizes while refining your trading skills in a risk-free environment. Learn more about the trading simulator and join the challenge starting on December 26th.

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Getting started in decentralized finance can seem daunting if you are new to cryptocurrency trading. However, DEXTools aims to educate users and build confidence through hands-on experience without financial risk.

DEXTools understands the value of learning through practice. Their innovative trading simulator allows users to refine their strategies using virtual funds, mitigating the stress of real market volatility. By honing techniques in a risk-free environment, traders can develop knowledge and skills for when they feel ready to apply them to real markets.

Moreover, due to the huge success of the first edition, DEXTools is going to make the second DeFi trading challenge, where you’ll have the opportunity to win real prizes while trading with the simulator. The challenges are win-win: users gain experience trading under competitive conditions while having fun, and DEXTools enhances engagement with gamified learning opportunities. The challenge starts on December 26th.

Let’s explore how DEXTools’ simulator and the trading challenge work!


Trading Simulator

The DEXTools trading simulator offers a risk-free way to learn DeFi tokens trading


The first thing you have to do is to visit the DEXTools simulator section.

After connecting your ERC-20 wallet (If you don’t have one, you can easily create one using Metamask or similar tools), return to the simulator section, choose your preferred nickname, and click “Activate now.”

You’ll be given an initial balance of 10,000 U$DEXT in simulated funds (no real value) and you will be able to check your cryptocurrency balance in the simulator’s wallet section.

Start Trading

To execute a trade on the simulator, begin by finding the crypto asset pair you wish to trade. You can browse directly to the pair page via the Pair Explorer or use the DEXTools search bar to look up the ticker.

Once on the pair’s listing, click the “Swap Simulator” button to activate a simulated order window. Simply input the amount you want to invest in that asset. The simulator will instantly calculate the quantity of quote tokens you acquire based on real-time market prices.

Hit “Simulator Swap” and your trade will be completed!

The simulator seamlessly matches the process of a live exchange order, calculating amounts and executing the swap with a simple click. This allows users to replicate the trader experience without financial exposure.

To make the simulator more realistic, two types of commissions are simulated:

  • 1 U$DEXT as a variable fee.
  • 2% of the total operation value as a variable fee.

These fees will be automatically deducted from the tokens received in the operation.

Trading Restrictions

  • The simulator doesn’t allow trades on pairs with a DEXTscore lower than 70. This is because a low DEXTscore is considered a high investment risk.
  • Liquidity: You can invest a maximum of 30% of the asset’s liquidity. Otherwise, the impact on the price would be too high for a realistic simulation.


A new trading challenge is coming

Due to the huge success of the first trading challenge, DEXTools decided to organize the second edition. The challenge starts on December 26th. Only then will you be able to register and participate by accessing through the “CHALLENGE” option visible on DEXTools.

This event offers both competition and education. By trading with the simulator for prizes, participants gain hands-on experience in the real market. Every trader is guaranteed to deepen their DeFi markets knowledge.

This competition will be open for the following plans:

  • Standard Subscription (Hold 1.000 $DEXT) 
  • Premium holders and (Hold 100.000 $DEXT)
  • Monthly subscription (more info on info.dextools.io)

The competition unfolds over 15 days. Weekly and overall rankings will reward the top 10 portfolios, allowing trainees to recover even from early setbacks by adapting their strategies.

The goal is clear: grow as a trader and be an active part of the financial revolution that cryptocurrencies and DeFi are leading worldwide. All the best of the DeFi world packaged in one exciting challenge.

This is not just any contest. It’s a chance to win big! With 20,000 DEXT up for grabs, we’re set to recognize and reward the brilliance and effort of the top traders.

  • Weekly Winners: 1,000 $DEXT
  • Final winner: 10,000 $DEXT
  • Prizes for the Top 10 finishers!



In summary, the upcoming DEXTools trading challenge presents an ideal opportunity for both beginning and experienced DeFi traders to improve their skills through hands-on practice in a competitive environment. By using the realistic trading simulator, participants can refresh fundamentals or test new strategies without financial risk. With weekly rankings and overall prizes on offer, the event also introduces an element of fun and incentive progress. Whether seeking an advantage in the competition or simply exploring a new market, the DEXTools challenge offers a uniquely engaging way to advance one’s DeFi trading education.

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