DexTools: The leading analytics Defi platform is a Diamond in the Rough.

A short article explaining why Dextools is one of the most under-rated projects – especially in this bear market.

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A short article explaining why Dextools is one of the most under-rated projects – especially in this bear market.

Disclaimer: We’re not financial advisors. Do not take anything on this blog as financial advice, ever. Do your own research. 


Surf the markets with DexTools 

If you don’t already know, Dextools is an app and ecosystem for traders that provides info about all the decentralized markets. 

Assimilating blockchain data into one comprehensive UI allows you to have a clear vision about your trading, investments, and the current state of the market.


What is $DEXT?

Its the DexTools utility token that you can use for:

    • Accessing premium features of the app through holding or monthly subscription.
    • Accessing Dext Force Ventures, the $DEXT whale & investment club
    • Benefit from Dextools revenues and growth by simply holding $DEXT


    Subscription Details

      • Hold 1.000 $DEXT (or pay $100 in $DEXT monthly) for the STANDARD subscription (more features unlocked!)
      • Hold 100k $DEXT for the PREMIUM subscription to enjoy Dextools at fullest and be part of the exclusive club deal group
      • Hold 300k $DEXT to be a $DEXT whale and access the alpha in Dext Stealth group


      Revenue Details

      DexTools has a wide range of revenues:

        • 10+ Marketing banners on-app
        • DextForce ventures fees and profits
        • Fees paid by project to update their social info on-app
        • Fees from on-platform multi-dex aggregator

        The first two points have no direct interaction with $DEXT, and they’re used to sustain operations, development and acquisitions. Even though the numbers are not disclosed, we estimate a revenue in the range of $200k – $500k per month (based on ad costs and numbers, and amounts raised in DextForce ventures).

        Update social info revenues are used partially to cover marketing and expansion expenses ($ETH – $BNB) and everything paid in $DEXT (cheapest option) is instead directly burned.

        The aggregator revenues instead are fully used to buyback $DEXT from the market and burn it.


        Talking numbers

        In the last 3 months (sep-oct-nov)

        ~7.500 $DEXT (1 $ETH) daily from Aggregator
        ~25.000 DEXT (4 $ETH) daily from Update Social Fee

        At the current prices that leads to 1m $DEXT (~1% of the supply) burnt per month, with an impact on the price of the buybacks of 30%/month.  (Based on current Uniswap liquidity. Formula used: (1+1000000/7000000)^2 -1)

        In other words, 150 ETH of continuous buy-pressure month by month.

        The chart illustrates the increasing number of inbound transactions related to the payment of Update Social Fee.


        Let’s just stop one second

        Find me another company in crypto that 

          • Is leader of its niche
          • Continuously delivers improvements and listens to the community
          • Is profitable and growing even in bear, without selling tokens
          • Uses 150ETH of revenues to buyback on a fixed-supply token
          • Sits at $15m capitalization


          Some facts

          Recently DexTools burned 2,182,000 $DEXT in one shot

          This not only proves the assumptions above, but shows that the team is not just talking. It’s silently, but surely keeping the promises.



          How about platform usage?

          Launched in 2020, Dextools has been the first of the defi analytics app. Many competitors have added to the sector (Poocoin, Dexscreener, GeckoTerminal) but Dextools never left the market leader position.
          During Sep-Nov Dextools totalized 21.89M total visits from 1.1M unique users. This leads us to state that only 1.2% of DexTools users own some $DEXT tokens. More interestingly, it shows that there are more than 2x unique visitors to Dextools than Ethereum active addresses.




          Another important metric to look at is the number of unique addresses. 

          In the recent 3 months, there has been a 4% growth, even during bear market.

          It’s another confirmation that more and more people are interested in having $DEXT to benefit from the services offered by the platform or because they consider DEXTools’ token a valid investment.


          How about the future?

          DexTools future looks brighter than ever. The following features are ready to be released or in advanced state of development.

            • Never stop integrating new chains and tools (keep adoption)
            • API for gathering Dextools data (more revenue)
            • Dext Launchpad (more revenue and holders)
            • Dext liquidity pools (more utility for the token)
            • Price bot telegram (more adoption)




            Why we’re sure $DEXT is a diamond in the rough:

              • Ethical, profitable, leading company in the sector
              • Low $15m capitalization (300x to Uniswap cap)
              • 30% buy pressure per month from organic revenues
              • Incoming features that will only increase the utility and adoption

              Bonus: Dispel the myths

                • Dextools does not receive any sort of payment for trending.
                • Dextools is actively fighting procedures that manipulate trending positions
                • Dextools doesn’t buy views on the site to increase Similarweb data


                Article by:

                Paolo Montemurro – Blockchain Army Founder and CTO, Dextools Ambassador

                Pierandrea Cecconi – Blockchain Army Project Development

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