DEXTools Recent Updates Benefit Traders

DEXTools has introduced several updates including 1-second candlestick charts and a new "Updated Socials" bar.

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In the frenetic world of cryptocurrency trading, keeping up with developments is crucial. DEXTools, known for aggregating blockchain data into a comprehensive trading interface, recently rolled out new features and updates. As the platform of choice for deep learning about decentralized markets, DEXTools continues to innovate to offer users competitive advantages. Let’s explore the recent releases that can give you an advantage during your trading journey.


1s Candlestick Charts

One of the most exciting additions is the ability to view price action of tokens with 1-second candlesticks. For traders who participate in new token launches and enjoy fast-paced trading, 1s candles provides extremely detailed data.

Spotting short-term trends and making split-second decisions is now easier than ever. With lightning-quick price movements common on DEX listings, 1s charts give an edge over slower timeframes.

To optimize your trading experience, it’s recommended to disable the ‘Fill gaps in chart candles’ feature in the Configuration-App Settings. This ensures a more accurate representation of market movements, allowing you to make informed decisions in real-time.


Updated Socials Bar

Information is power. DEXTools recognizes this and has revamped its “Hot Pairs” bar section. Traders can now keep track of projects that have paid for the “Social Update” service.

With a glance, it is possible to get a clear overview of newly launched projects, as most newly launched projects prioritize this service immediately after listing.

For traders who find the automatic movement of the social bar too fast, DEXTools has provided customization. The “Hot Pair Movement” option in the tool’s settings allows traders to suspend the automatic movement. This allows traders to analyze information at their own pace. Ensuring usability for all levels of experience is a feature of DEXTools’ commitment to user empowerment.



As decentralized exchange trading evolves, DEXTool’s recent releases like 1-second charts and enhanced social features help traders adapt. By delivering cutting-edge technical analysis tools, DEXTools maintains its position at the forefront of interfaces for on-chain trading. The new releases demonstrate a commitment to giving users competitive advantages through market-leading UX.

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