A Look Into DEXTools Latest Features 

Discover the latest features introduced by DEXTools, including the Mempool Tool, DextSwap, Big Swaps Explorer on Arbitrum, and more.

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DEXTools is a prominent platform that specializes in providing analytics for decentralized finance (DeFi). With a range of powerful tools and features, DEXTools aims to empower traders and enthusiasts in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies. This guide will explore some game-changing additions recently introduced by DEXTools, including the Mempool Tool, DextSwap, the Big Swaps Explorer on Arbitrum, the Telegram Price Bot, and the release of its API.


DEXTools’ new features

    Let’s take a closer look at the exciting new functionalities introduced by DEXTools:

    Mempool Tool

    In the dynamic landscape of crypto trading, staying informed about pending swaps is crucial. DEXTools addresses this need with its Mempool Tool, a new feature that allows users to effortlessly check the latest swaps waiting to be confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain. This tool enables users to monitor transactions in the mempool, providing valuable insights into market activity. By utilizing the Mempool Tool, traders can incorporate this information into their own strategies, potentially gaining an advantage in the market.




      DextSwap simplifies the token-swapping process by introducing a dedicated page on the DEXTools website. This user-friendly interface streamlines the process of swapping tokens, eliminating the need to navigate various pairs. With DextSwap, users can perform hassle-free token swaps, saving time and effort.



        Big Swaps Explorer on Arbitrum

        DEXTools expands its horizons by extending the functionality of the Big Swaps Explorer to the Arbitrum network. This feature allows users to explore and analyze large-scale swaps on the Arbitrum network, gaining insights into significant trading activities. By analyzing these transactions, traders can make more informed decisions and better understand market trends on Arbitrum.


          New Telegram Price Bot

          DEXTools introduces its new Telegram Price Bot, updating users on the latest price movements. You can receive real-time price updates and valuable insights by connecting the Telegram Price Bot to your Telegram account. This feature ensures that users stay informed while on the go, providing a convenient and efficient way to track cryptocurrency prices.



            Free API

            Another noteworthy feature of DEXTools is its free API, which provides exclusive data that cannot be found elsewhere. With this API, users gain access to a wealth of information for each token, including details about pools, liquidity, score, holders, prices, volume, and more. Rumors suggest that access to the API may require the use of the DEXT token. This development has sparked speculation about potential fundamentals for the value of the DEXT token. 

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            DEXTools’ Commitment to Innovation

            DEXTools continues to push the boundaries of DeFi analytics by providing traders and enthusiasts with cutting-edge tools and features. The platform strives to empower its users by delivering accurate and timely data, enabling them to make well-informed trading decisions. DEXTools’ dedication to innovation positions it as a leader in the DeFi analytics space, driving the industry forward.



            DEXTools is a powerful platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features for DeFi analytics. The introduction of the Mempool Tool, DextSwap, the Big Swaps Explorer on Arbitrum, and the Telegram Price Bot further enhances its capabilities, allowing users to gain insights, execute seamless token swaps, explore large-scale swaps on the Arbitrum network, and stay updated on price movements. With its commitment to innovation, DEXTools continues to provide traders and enthusiasts with invaluable resources to navigate the cryptocurrency market effectively.

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