DEXTools BuyBot: Elevating Your DeFi Trading Experience

Learn how the new DEXTools BuyBot trading assistant leverages DEXTools' market data to deliver customized, real-time updates on DeFi tokens.

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As the top resource for on-chain data about tokens and liquidity pools, DEXTools provides a comprehensive lens into DEX activity. DEXTools has now introduced their new trading assistant: DEXTools BuyBot. With the introduction of the BuyBot, traders now have a dynamic assistant that takes their experience to the next level. This trading bot taps into the wealth of information provided by, delivering real-time updates on crucial aspects such as buys, sells, liquidity changes, and more.

This article delves into the features, customization options, and steps to unleash the full potential of this powerful tool.


Getting Started with DEXTools BuyBot

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Initiate the BuyBot: start the DEXTools BuyBot by using the “/start” command (
  2. Add the BuyBot to your Telegram group where you want to receive updates.
  3. Configuration: return to the bot’s chat and click on “Open Bot” or “Launch” to configure the bot according to your preferences.
  4. Pair Addition: select the group where you added the bot and click on “Add Pair.” This step allows you to add tokens on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
  5. Token Configuration: copy the token pair contract from and paste it into the designated space on the bot.
  6. Customization Options: once the bot identifies your token of interest, customize the settings according to your preferences:

  • Categorize transactions based on amount (small, medium, buy).
  • Choose to display only buys, sells, or both.
  • Opt to show when liquidity is added or removed for a specific pair.
  • Select the message display mode: full or compact, adjusting the amount of information visible.

From now on you’ll be able to receive real-time updates on the tokens that you’re following, keeping you and the other group members informed on everything.


Information Displayed by DEXTools BuyBot

Curious about the wealth of information the BuyBot can provide? Here’s a snapshot of the key details:

  • Price
  • Cost (Example: 1 WETH = 2870 $DEXT)
  • Buyer Position (Example: 👇-26.31%)

Transaction Details:
  • TXID link
  • UniSwap link
  • Chart link

Token Overview
  • Holders
  • Circulating Supply
  • Market cap
  • Total Supply
  • Diluted Marketcap
  • Volume Today
  • Pooled WETH/WBNB
  • Pooled 
  • Liquidity
  • DEXTscore 
  • TXID Time Stamp

That’s a lot of info! With this suite of on-chain analytics at your disposal, the DEXTools BuyBot equips you to make well-informed trading decisions with maximum competitive advantage.



In the fast-paced landscape of decentralized trading, having a reliable companion like DEXTools BuyBot is a game changer. It not only provides real-time insights but also empowers traders with customization options for a personalized experience.

Try DEXTools BuyBot today: !

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