CoinEx Hack News: Recovery and Negotiation Efforts Continue

Amid the recent CoinEX hack, the firm has revealed that reconstruction is at 50%, as withdrawal services are set to resume in 7 days.

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Recent on-chain events revealed a CoinEX hack, with the form now struggling to recover and secure user funds. In a Twitter statement on September 12, the firm first reported the incident to its users, citing irregular movement of funds but re-assuring customer funds safety.

CoinEx urged the hackers to communicate with them over the blockchain or the official support email address and to be open to compromise. The exchange also offered a sizable bug prize for information leading to recovering the missing funds. It reaffirmed that cyberattacks are seen as severe criminal crimes worldwide, with serious consequences that cannot be avoided.


False Claims of Withdrawal Resumption amid CoinEx hack

In another official update released today, the prominent cryptocurrency exchange provided insights into its ongoing efforts to recover from a recent security breach. The exchange clarified the status of its operations and outlined a comprehensive plan for the near future.

CoinEx started by cautioning its users against false claims in the crypto community that the exchange had resumed withdrawal services. The company stressed that any such claims were deceptive and scam-related. They urged users to report such messages promptly and avoid engaging in fraudulent communications.


Recovery process on the CoinEX hack

Despite the challenges posed by the recent hack, CoinEx revealed that it has completed 50% of its wallet system reconstruction. This substantial progress demonstrates the company’s dedication to restoring its services promptly.

CoinEx went on to outline its strategy for resuming withdrawal services. They announced their intention to reinstate these services within seven working days progressively. However, the company emphasized that their top priority remained to ensure the 100% security of users’ assets before reactivating withdrawal functionalities.


Compensation for Cryptocurrencies with Low Circulating Supply

Recognizing the market purchase challenges associated with specific cryptocurrencies with low circulating supply, CoinEx revealed they were strategizing compensation for affected users. This move aims to alleviate the concerns of users holding these assets.

The update also acknowledged the distress and uncertainty experienced by CoinEx users during the waiting period. The company expressed gratitude for the continued support of its user base and reiterated its commitment to providing the highest level of security through the new wallet system.


Conclusion to the CoinEx hack

In conclusion, CoinEx reassured its users unequivocally, “CoinEx users’ assets are 100% secure and 100% remain fully intact.” This assurance underscores the exchange’s commitment to safeguarding user funds and assets. The cryptocurrency community will closely watch CoinEx’s progress in the coming days as they work diligently to restore their services and rebuild user trust.

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