Introduction to DeBank

Introduction to DeBank: the comprehensive DeFi wallet tracker and asset management tool for the blockchain era.

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DeBank stands as a decentralized finance (DeFi) wallet tracker, playing a pivotal role in securely storing your digital assets while also offering comprehensive portfolio management across the dynamic blockchain landscape. With DeBank, you’re not only keeping tabs on your digital assets, but you’re also staying informed about every minor change, innovation, and advancement within the blockchain domain.

DeBank goes beyond the basics, it aggregates data spanning decentralized lending protocols, stablecoins, margin trading platforms, and decentralized exchanges (DEXes), functioning as an integrated asset management tool as well as a robust data analytics platform.


The Blueprint of DeBank’s DeFi Landscape

DeBank is akin to an eagle, overseeing a spectrum of DeFi solutions beneath its wings. Its versatility extends across various mainnets, seamlessly coexisting with their frameworks to monitor your asset ensemble. DeBank’s framework hinges on an on-chain-based decentralization protocol, yielding a flexible ecosystem for DeFi transactions. This dynamic ecosystem delivers insights and comprehensive analytics concerning your digital assets’ performance, encompassing parameters like price, ranking, and ratings.

Enriched with utility, DeBank features tools conducive for comparing prices, rates, rankings, and asset performance across the DeFi spectrum. It offers insights into assorted DeFi structures, identifying potentially profitable avenues for your digital assets.

In addition to its tracking prowess, DeBank doubles as a wallet. Within its digital confines, pivotal transactions unfold: asset swaps, trades, purchases, sales, and more. Notably, DeBank extends compatibility to the Ethereum Blockchain, enhancing its utility for Ethereum-linked digital assets.


Unveiling DeBank’s Potential

DeBank transcends the conventional boundaries of a wallet, elevating its functions beyond asset storage. Similarly, its tracking capabilities exceed mere progress monitoring, delving into holistic asset management. Key features of DeBank encompass:


DeFi Portfolio Tracker

Elevating the traditional concept of a portfolio tracker, DeBank’s DeFi Portfolio Tracker stands as a comprehensive tool. It encapsulates price fluctuations, rankings, ratings, and updates in a user-friendly dashboard. Data streams from real-time sources across various blockchain mainnets. This tracker boasts user-centric functionalities, enhancing the DeFi experience.


DeFi List

DeBank boasts an extensive repository of DeFi exchanges, mainnets, and applications. While primarily educational, this list offers valuable insights into optimal DeFi projects for investment or participation. The evaluation criteria encompass diverse factors: DEX, AMM, Yield-Aggregator, DEX-Aggregator, NFT, DAO, among others.


Web 3.0 Social Ranking

Fostering community participation within the Web 3.0 landscape, this feature encourages engagement. It spotlights the top one thousand users within DeBank’s Web 3.0 architecture. This facet fosters profitable interactions and a spirited competitive spirit, harmonizing with DeBank’s overarching DeFi structure.



A boon for developers, the DeBank OpenAPI caters to their needs. Armed with access keys, developers integrate this API to enhance their projects or dApps. It enables seamless integration of tracking and monitoring functionalities from the DeBank platform.


Additional Features


Bundles Feature

Elevating tracking efficiency, this feature empowers users to monitor up to 50 wallet addresses and blockchains. Creating a bundle necessitates utilizing the “Add bundle” button. Within a bundle, up to 10 addresses can be added, streamlining tracking and monitoring. DeBank pro users, often individuals with a Web3 ID, enjoy additional privileges, expanding their bundle capabilities.


Whales Feature

Aiming to spotlight prominent addresses holding substantial cryptocurrency assets, the “Whales” feature categorizes entities based on value or net worth. The dashboard integrates Top Tokens, Protocols, and NFT collections, fostering seamless navigation. Adjacent to the Whale List, the “Activities” tab captures real-time data on addresses with high on-chain activities, categorized by value.


Protocol Feature

Navigating DeFi protocols across the 44 supported chains, the “Protocol” feature delivers intricate data analytics. Yield metrics, deposits, staked tokens, locked tokens, and farming activities within these chains are meticulously presented.


NFT Feature

This tool enables efficient tracking of NFTs spanning multiple chains and marketplaces. DeBank’s dashboard reveals vital metadata, enriching your NFT tracking experience.



When seeking an encompassing decentralized finance platform for holistic asset management, profit generation, and security, DeBank emerges as a frontrunner. This versatile architecture facilitates seamless tracking of diverse protocols and blockchains, earning its moniker as a “One Stop Shop” within the DeFi ecosystem. 

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