Introduction to WagieBot

Introduction to WagieBot, discover how It revolutionizes crypto trading on Telegram. Trade, track, and copy trades effortlessly.

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WagieBot is an advanced Telegram bot that makes crypto trading easy, automated and accessible to everyone. With WagieBot, you can trade top cryptocurrencies, altcoins and DeFi tokens directly from Telegram without having to use complex exchanges. This in-depth guide will explain how to fully set up and utilize all features of WagieBot to level up your crypto trading.

Getting Started with WagieBot

Here are simple steps to start using WagieBot:

    • Search for WagieBot: open the Telegram app and search for “@WagieBot” or visit http://t.me/WagieBot. Start the bot by sending /start.
    • Join the community: the bot will send you a welcome message with a link to join the WagieBot community. Joining gives you access to WagieBot Pro features.
    • Explore features: send /menu to see all available features. You can go through each one to understand what they do.
    • Connect a wallet: to start trading, you need to connect a wallet. WagieBot supports generating new wallets or importing existing ones.

    And that’s it! You now have WagieBot ready to begin using. Next, let’s look at how to connect and set up your crypto wallets.

    Connecting and Managing Your Crypto Wallets

    To trade and interact with DeFi protocols, you need to connect your crypto wallets to WagieBot. The bot supports Ethereum, BSC and other EVM-compatible blockchains.

    Here are the steps to connect your wallets or generate a brand new one:

      • Generate new wallet: go to Wallets → generate a new Wallet Seed. The bot will generate a new Ethereum or BSC wallet for you with a private key and recovery phrase. Save these securely.
      • Import existing wallet: go to Wallets → import an existing Wallet. Enter the private key or recovery phrase of your existing wallet to import it.
      • View wallet balance: once connected, your wallet balance is shown in WagieBot. You can now use this wallet to trade, provide liquidity, stake tokens and more.
      • Customize wallet settings: each connected wallet has its own customizable settings for slippage, gas fees, and more. You can optimize these for different trading strategies.
      • Support multiple wallets: you can connect and manage multiple wallets in WagieBot at once. This lets you separate funds for different purposes.

      Managing your wallets and customizing them is easy with WagieBot’s intuitive wallet menu. You have full control and flexibility.

      Automated Trading Made Easy

      WagieBot takes the complexity out of crypto trading with features like auto buy and trailing stop loss. Here are some of the trading capabilities:

        • Auto buy: automatically buy any token just by pasting the contract address. Configure buy amount, slippage, max fees and more.
        • Take profits: set take profit triggers to automatically sell your position when a token hits your target.
        • Stop loss: limit your downside by setting stop losses that trigger auto-selling if a token drops past a threshold.
        • Trailing stop loss: automatically trail your stop loss to lock in profits as the price rises. This maximizes upside while minimizing downside risk.
        • GMX Leveraged Trading: directly long or short tokens on GMX from within Telegram. Manage your positions and get alerts.

        WagieBot makes executing advanced trading strategies like DCA and grid trading easy without having to watch charts all day.

        Copy Trades Like a Pro

        WagieBot also lets you copy the trades of professional crypto traders, top performing portfolios, and even celebrities. Simply connect your wallet and configure the copy trading settings:

          • Add wallet to copy: enter the wallet address you want to copy all trades from. This can be a pro trader, whale wallet, or a friend.
          • Customize copy amount: configure what percentage of the copied wallet’s trades you want to mimic. Copy with a smaller size to reduce risk.
          • Follow multiple wallets: you can add several wallets to copy for diversification. Build your own fund of funds.
          • Auto copy buys/sells: optionally enable auto copying so every trade is mimicked instantly via API. Or only copy manually.

          Copy trading eliminates the need to actively trade or even research tokens. Just sit back, relax and mirror the pros!

          Snipe Bots Like a Shark

          WagieBot offers powerful sniping tools to beat bots and get into presales, IDOs, and launches before anyone else:

            • Liquidity sniper: snipe liquidity events faster than bots by front-running transactions with configurable delays.
            • Method sniper: specify contract methods like “mint” and snipe them instantly when called. Great for NFT mints and token vestings.
            • Fairlaunch sniper: use a variety of strategies like gas price ramping to win fairlaunch token distributions.
            • AIO Sniper: the all-in-one sniper automates the process of sniping any opportunity with customizable delays, gas fees and more.

            Gain an edge over bots and regular users to acquire tokens early before the price pumps. WagieBot levels the playing field.

            Track Your Trades & Performance

            WagieBot logs all your trades, indicators, events, and more in an easy-to-use dashboard. Stay on top of your portfolio with:

              • Trade explorer: see every past trade in one place including entry price, size, fees paid and more.
              • Wallet & token performance: get a bird’s eye view of your wallet balances, 24 hour P&L, top gainers and losers.
              • Market indicators: key market indicators like BTC/ETH price, dominance, DeFi TVL, volume, volatility and more.
              • Whale watching: get alerts when major wallet addresses you track buy or sell tokens and see live transaction feeds.

              With robust analytics, WagieBot gives you insights into the market beyond just executing trades. 

              Join the Community for Support

              For any assistance, WagieBot has an active community where the team provides 24/7 support. Connect with the WagieBot community for guidance, troubleshooting help or just to meet fellow traders! 


              WagieBot makes crypto trading easy and accessible to everyone. With its wide range of features, you can execute advanced strategies without complexity. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started in crypto or an experienced trader wanting to up your game, WagieBot has everything you need. The simple Telegram interface makes WagieBot intuitive and easy to use from anywhere.

              Start the bot using this link to access an exclusive 10% discount on WagieBot fees!

              Useful links:
              – Telegram Bot
              – Official website

              Article written by Pierandrea Cecconi (@PierArmy), Project Development Blockchain Army

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