The Utility Behind 1.000 DEXT

Unlocking the Power of DEXTools: How Holding 1,000 DEXT Can Give You Exclusive Access to Advanced Features and a Thriving Community.

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Unlocking the Power of DEXTools: How Holding 1,000 DEXT Can Give You Exclusive Access to Advanced Features and a Thriving Community.

Disclaimer: We’re not financial advisors. Do not take anything on this blog as financial advice, ever. Do your own research.


As the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem continues to grow exponentially, an increasing number of investors are turning to DeFi protocols to explore a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

DEXTools is the most famous and widely used analytics platform for the DeFi ecosystem, providing traders with a comprehensive set of tools to monitor and analyze blockchain activity. With the support of over 70 different blockchains, DEXTools has become an indispensable resource for DeFi traders looking to stay ahead of the competition. Traders can use DEXTools for free, but only with a subscription can they enjoy the potential of the DEXTools platform to the fullest.


What is the Standard Subscription?

The standard subscription can be unlocked by just holding 1000 $DEXT, around 400$ at the time of speaking. For traders looking to take their DeFi game to the next level, the 1000 $DEXT subscription tier offers a range of powerful features that can give them an edge in the market.

Some of the exclusive features unlocked with this subscription include:

  • No Limit Favourite Pairs → Create custom favorites lists with an unlimited number of tokens and filter them with folders.
  • My Positions (P&L Tracker) → It allows traders to track and monitor their profits and losses in real time. 
  • Trade Analytics → With Trade Analytics, you can easily monitor and analyze your portfolio by viewing the number of buys, sells, average price, and date of the swap for each coin.
  • Wallet Info & Tracker → Add up to 500 wallets and check their trade history, the perfect tool for tracking smart traders’ moves.
  • Desktop/Mail/Telegram Price Alerts → It’s a feature that allows users to set customized notifications for when the price of a particular asset reaches a specific threshold. This enables traders to stay informed about market movements and react quickly to potential trading opportunities.
  • No Advertisement → Enjoy using DEXTools without any kind of advertising!
  • 12 Hot Pairs → Unlock a higher number of the top visited pairs in the last 24hrs.
  • Limit Order and Trading Bot → It’s a powerful feature that allows traders to set specific buy/sell orders at desired prices and automate their trades, improving efficiency and accuracy in their trading strategies.


Check out what those exclusive perks look like!


In addition to these exciting features, there’s now another reason to hold 1,000 $DEXT tokens: access to the exclusive 1000 $DEXT holders Telegram group.

The ultimate aim of this group is to establish a strong and vibrant community of individuals who are passionate about the world of DeFi. By joining, users gain access to a network of like-minded enthusiasts who share alpha, news, engaging discussions, and a wealth of knowledge about this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

By joining the group, you can access a variety of incentives, such as:

  • Alpha leaks and trading insights: Get the inside scoop on upcoming Defi projects and gain insights into the latest trends in the industry.
  • News: Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the Defi world with breaking news, market analysis, and more.
  • Degen chat: Connect with other like-minded Defi enthusiasts and discuss the latest trends, projects, and trading strategies.
  • NFTs chat: Connect with other degen NFT traders to not miss the latest hyped mints or find under-valued projects.
  • Support: If you have problems with the platform, ask for help in the dedicated section and you will get help in a short time.


You’ll also get the opportunity to network with industry experts, participate in exclusive events and giveaways. With so many incentives, it’s easy to see why joining the 1000 $DEXT holder’s Telegram group is a no-brainer for DeFi enthusiasts.


Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out in DeFi, joining the 1000 $DEXT holders Telegram group is without any doubt a smart move.

By leveraging the power of DEXTools and connecting with a community of passionate traders, you can gain a competitive edge in the market and unlock new opportunities for success.

So what are you waiting for? 

Join the community connecting your wallet with 1000 $DEXT to the Dext Force bot now:

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