Banana Gun: A project you don’t want to miss

This article analyzes the underrated Banana Gun Telegram sniping bot and its $BANANA token, exploring why it has huge growth potential.

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Banana Gun, and its native token $BANANA, has caught the eye of many cryptocurrency enthusiasts due to its unique approach in the market. The name itself adds an element of fun, but the numbers associated with it are nothing to joke about.

We recently conducted a detailed analysis on Banana Gun and identified several promising fundamentals that could support further development and adoption of the $BANANA token over the long term.

Let’s break down the points we have identified to uncover the opportunities we believe lie behind Banana Gun.


What is Banana Gun

Banana Gun operates as a Telegram Sniper bot, enabling users to acquire fresh tokens in the initial block on the Ethereum blockchain. This distinctive approach positions it as a game-changer in the crypto space.

The core functionality of Banana Gun lies in its ability to facilitate early token purchases, giving users a strategic advantage. To sustain its services, Banana Gun charges a 0.5% or 1% commission. What sets it apart is how this commission is shared with $BANANA token holders, creating a unique incentive structure.

For those seeking more in-depth information, Banana Gun provides detailed documentation at

Crazy Revenues with crazy low valuation

The financial performance of Banana Gun is staggering:

  • Monthly revenues averaging around 20 ETH/day, equivalent to 7.300ETH/year or $14.7 million yearly.
  • Weekly revenues reaching approximately 35 ETH/day, translating to an impressive 12.775ETH/year or $25.8 million yearly.

Despite these extraordinary revenues, Banana Gun’s market capitalization sits at only $30 million, presenting a ridiculous P/E ratio of 1.5/2 (the lower it is, the more value there is).

If Banana Gun were a company listed on the S&P 500, its valuation based on a P/E ratio of 25 would range between $375 million and $650 million. However, $BANANA’s current market cap is a mere $30 million, illustrating a significant undervaluation.

Crazy revenues with crazy low valuation with crazy high no-inflation APY

Adding to the appeal, Banana Gun shares approximately 50% of its income with token holders, resulting in an impressive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) ranging from 40% to 100%. This unique feature not only benefits the $BANANA chads financially but also serves as a potent attractant for potential investors seeking high returns.

Holy Grail for Value Investors

The symbiotic relationship between $BANANA’s price and APYs is a dream scenario for value investors. As the price declines, APYs rise, creating a cycle that attracts new investors and drives the price back up. These dynamics establish Banana Gun as a holy grail for value investors, providing a lucrative opportunity to maximize returns.


Cumulative Users and New Users Are on the Rise

Banana Gun boasts an impressive user base, with over 50,000 unique users. The project’s strength is evident in the consistent growth in daily users, surpassing 4,000, and attracting over 500 new users daily.

The attractiveness of $BANANA is not only in its financial performance but also in its widespread popularity, making it stronger than ever in the competitive crypto market.


Innovation Incoming

Remarkably, Banana Gun has achieved this level of success in just six months. The project’s strength is set to increase with upcoming innovations, including a web dashboard, multichain support, trade overview and history, addition of new languages and many more cool things.

The introduction of a web dashboard and language expansion is a testament to Banana Gun’s commitment to enhancing user experience and expanding its global reach.


No Immediate Inflation for 2 Years (At Least)

To allay concerns about inflation, Banana Gun has a total supply that is four times the current amount. Significantly, 95% of this supply is locked for a minimum of two years, providing stability.

The team is also committed for six years, earning solely from bot revenues. This strategic approach ensures the stability of $BANANA and instills confidence in investors regarding its long-term viability.



As with any investment, Banana Gun carries risks. These include:

    • Banana Gun bot becomes obsolete, and other bots are way better than it
    • Tokens find a way to not get sniped from Banana (very unlikely)
    • Ethereum goes to $500
    • Shitcoin creation mania stops

    There’s no way $BANANA price will not suffer if any of these happens.


    Consideration of the writer

    While always advising caution, our analysis reveals a deeply undervalued project with strong upside potential. As the preeminent bot for sniping tokens, Banana Gun has all the makings of a market dominator. 

    In all seriousness, however, careful independent research should be conducted before making any investment decision. Banana Gun shows great promise, but vigilance is key in this industry. If the project continues to perform as planned, we believe early investors will be amply rewarded.

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