What Is a Project Dashboard?

Unleash project success with Blockchain Army's Project Dashboard. Learn what a project dashboard is and its role in project management.

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Efficient project management requires comprehensive insights and real-time data analysis. Blockchain Army’s project dashboard offers a cutting-edge solution that combines customization, adaptability, and powerful data tracking capabilities. In this article, we will explore how the project dashboard leverages technology to provide valuable insights, making it an indispensable marketing and analysis tool for your projects.


What is the service?

Blockchain Army’s project dashboard is a complete product that harnesses the power of technology to provide a wealth of valuable data. With its fully customizable and adaptive nature, it caters to the unique needs of your projects. Whether you need to track off-chain or on-chain data, the dashboard delivers real-time metrics, empowering you with instant analysis and actionable insights.


Why is it important?

Project dashboards play a pivotal role in enhancing project management and marketing processes. By providing a holistic view of project details and progress, they enable project managers to make informed decisions, identify bottlenecks, and proactively address issues. With Blockchain Army’s project dashboard, you can align project goals, track project dependencies, and ensure seamless communication across teams, resulting in improved productivity and project success.

Benefits of Blockchain Army’s Project Dashboard

  • Wallets statuses: the project dashboard allows you to track the statuses of wallets associated with your project. Gain visibility into wallet balances, transactions, and activities, providing valuable information for financial analysis and resource allocation.


  • Burn metrics: keep a close eye on burn metrics to monitor the token burn process. Track the number of tokens burned and their corresponding value, enabling you to assess token supply dynamics and market performance.


  • Holders number: gain insights into the number of token holders and track their growth over time. This data provides valuable information about community engagement and the overall popularity of your project.


  • Custom data queries: tailor the dashboard to your specific needs by creating custom data queries. Retrieve and display project-specific information, enabling you to track critical metrics unique to your business model.


  • Custom formulas for advanced calculations: leverage the flexibility of the dashboard by creating custom formulas. Perform advanced calculations and display complex data relationships, empowering you with comprehensive analysis capabilities.


  • Daily telegram messages: monitor and analyze the growth and engagement of your Telegram community. Track the number of messages, member activity, and community sentiment, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your communication strategies.


  • Price tracker and forecasts: stay up to date with the latest price trends and forecasts. The project dashboard provides real-time price tracking and analysis, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your project’s market positioning.



Blockchain Army’s advanced project dashboard is a game-changer in project management, offering unparalleled insights and analysis capabilities. With its customizable features and adaptable tracking options, it empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize performance, and achieve success. From wallets statuses and burn metrics to custom data queries and price tracking, the Dashboard caters to a wide range of project needs. Harness the power of Blockchain Army’s Project Dashboard and unleash the full potential of your blockchain project.


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What Is a Project Dashboard?


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