Project dashboard

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Our modern approach to data lets you showcase any kind of information simply and effectively. Burn data, price trackers, and top wallets buys/sells, this dashboard is your go-to aggregator to display valuable information easily.

the technology

The project dashboard is a complete product providing insights of valuable data. It is fully customizable and completely adaptive to your projects' needs, capable of tracking both off-chain and on-chain data. The dashboard can be used to display the vital metrics of your project, providing a cutting-edge analysis in a blink of an eye and making it a powerful marketing and analysis tool.

Here are some examples of the data that can be tracked.

  • Wallets statuses
  • Burn metrics
  • Holders number
  • Custom data queries
  • Custom formulas to display advanced calculations
  • Daily Telegram messages
  • Community members' growth
  • Price tracker
  • Price forecasts
  • Virtually anything that can be tracked
  • Our dashboard for DEXTools, live at

    Our solution

    With a keen eye to blockchain communities, we strive to provide real, tangible value to everyone out there. And we even do it for free.

    Free dashboad is at our discretion, community has to be approved.

    Your Branding
    Burn Tracking
    Supply Tracking
    Advanced Tracking
    Custom Hosting
    No Advertising

    result-oriented approach

    We strive for results in everything we do, that's why we let the metrics talk for us.
    No fancy talks, just facts.

    Positive response in token price

    Increased engagement

    average of 10k page views per day

    increase in daily website visits

    See the value with your eyes

    Enough words. Check out what we've built by yourself.

    Our dashboard for DEXTools, live at

    Our dashboard for Chatter Shield, live at

    Our dashboard for OuterRing

    Our dashboard for WoofWork


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