DEXTools API v2: The Future of DeFi Trading

"Unlock the secrets of DeFi trading with DEXTools API v2. Our guide explores its powerful features and helps you choose the right plan.

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Introduction to DEXTools API v2: The Future of DeFi Trading

DEXTools API v2 is revolutionizing the DeFi landscape, offering an advanced suite of tools for traders and developers. This platform is not just about accessing data; it’s about leveraging this data to forge market-leading strategies in real time.


Exploring the Capabilities of DEXTools API v2

DEXTools API v2 is a treasure trove of real-time blockchain data, featuring a whopping:

  • +2 Million Tokens and liquidity pools: real-time updated prices, liquidity, and more metrics.


Example: Tracking Token Performance

Imagine you’re tracking the performance of a new token on Ethereum. With DEXTools API v2, you can monitor its price movements, trading volumes, and liquidity changes as they happen, allowing for timely and strategic decisions.


Accessing Diverse Blockchain Data

From Ethereum to Solana, access diverse blockchain ecosystems. Analyze trends on Binance Smart Chain, or explore emerging markets on platforms like Arbitrum and Polygon.

Create cross-chain strategies and automate strategic, punctual decisions.


Detailed Walkthrough of API Endpoints

Each of the 19 endpoints in DEXTools API v2 serves a specific purpose, making your data retrieval comprehensive and efficient. The endpoints are grouped into 5 main categories:

  • Blockchain: This category contains 2 endpoints related to whole blockchains. Retrieve specific information about a particular blockchain or get data about all supported blockchains.

  • Exchange: Achieve intel about a specific exchange or retrieve data of all supported DEXes on a specific blockchain.

  • Pool: This endpoint category provides lots of data about liquidity pools. Fetch details of a specific liquidity pool on a particular
    blockchain, retrieve liquidity information of a specific token, get the score of a specific liquidity pool, fetch price information of a specific liquidity pool, or obtain information about all liquidity pools on a specific blockchain.

  • Token: Within this category, you can retrieve details of a specific token on a particular blockchain, get lock intel of a specific token as well as fetch its score, additional information, and price information. Retrieve data about all tokens on a specific blockchain, or fetch information about all liquidity pools associated with a specific token.

  • Ranking: This section is dedicated to the ranking feature in DEXTool’s platform. Retrieve a list of all hot liquidity pools on a particular blockchain, or get the list of tokens that have gained or lost the most in value.


Utilizing DEXTools for Strategic Market Analysis

Integrating DEXTools API v2 into your market analysis can unveil hidden opportunities and mitigate risks.

Analyzing HotPairs Rankings

Utilize HotPairs rankings to identify top-performing pools. For example, spot a trending token in the DeFi space and analyze its growth trajectory for potential investment.

In-Depth Token Analysis

Conduct thorough token analyses, like assessing the DEXTScore of a new token for its reliability and potential market impact.

Understanding API Plan Options: From Free to Pro

Choose a plan that aligns with your project scale and data needs.

Free Plan: Ideal for Beginners

Perfect for small-scale projects or personal use, offering 50K call credits per month, with a  limit of 40 requests per minute. Test API functionalities without any cost.

Standard to Pro Plans: Catering to Growing Needs

Choose plans offering up to 5M call credits per month as your project scales. The Pro plan, for instance, is ideal for high-traffic applications, providing extensive data access and high request rates.


The Platform

The v2 API release comes with a handy user dashboard

DEXTools’s developer API portal can be accessed here, where you can browse different products, get your API keys, read the documentation, overview your request history, and manage your invoices and developers team.


Making your first API call

Interested in developing but don’t know where to start? We’re here for you.

It’s finally time for you to make your first API call, follow the steps, and get ready to level up your game.

First thing you need to do, is to sign up in the API Portal and choose your API Plan in the “Product Catalog” section. Choose the free API plan to get started.

You’re almost ready to go.

Let’s fetch information about the Hot Pairs on the Ethereum blockchain.

To do so, we need to refer to this particular endpoint:


To try this out, head up to the product catalog section, and click on your selected plan. You’ll notice the menu on the left is now different, go ahead and click on endpoints, find the selected endpoint, and then click on it.

Once clicked, a detailed page on that particular endpoint will show up. You can check out the query parameters, the structure of the response, the code snippets to implement the request in your favorite programming language, and the history of your requests to that endpoint.

Let’s insert “ether” in the chain parameter and click on “Try it out”

Et voilà, you officially made your first DEXTools API request. Congratulations, here’s the raw response to your request.

Now go ahead and copy the code snippet for your preferred programming language and you’re ready to create your next strategy.

The possibilities are endless. The rest is up to you!



DEXTools API v2 stands as a pivotal tool in the DeFi trading domain. Its comprehensive data access, real-time insights, and tailored plans make it an indispensable asset for anyone looking to excel in crypto trading.Start with the free plan to experience its capabilities and scale up as your needs grow.

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