dashboard ads

Leverage our network and advertise your products

With a vast network of advertisable project dashboards, Blockchain Army provides advertisers a tested, solid and targeted audience.



  • Either GIF or JPEG
  • Universal 5:1 format
  • 10M monthly views

  • Our Dashboard Ads service allows you to leverage our Dashboard network to advertise your products.

    With an highly targeted audience, totalling more than 10M views each month, we offer the possibility to advertise your produts reaching thousands of eyes every day.

    We will use your designed 5:1 graphics, either in GIF or JPG format on our dashboards, attaching a direct link to your product or service.

    Click on the image to zoom in 👀


    Project dashboards provide big-time value to token holders, which return to check on it on a daily basis.

    5 dashboards

    35k avg daily visits

    2 minutes avg page time

    10M avg monthly visits


    • Monthly 0.1 ETH / dashboard


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